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from renewable resources

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Self-adhesive compostable labels

from renewable resources


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Self-adhesive compostable labels

from renewable resources

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PaperWise® Natural – BioTAK® S100

PaperWise® Natural
PaperWise® is a new generation environmentally friendly paper of agricultural waste with a very low environmental impact. PaperWise® is biodegradable, recyclable, certified for direct food contact EC1935/2004 & FDA and compostability EN-13432. The paper shows an excellent full colour printing quality.


Look and feel
PaperWise® is available in white (ECF bleached) and a beautifully natural brown colour (unbleached). The PaperWise® Natural paper shows the agri-waste fibers in a beautiful way in the surface of the paper. An excellent choice for labels at natural products.


Advantages of PaperWise®

Gives agricultural waste a second life as raw material for paper

Reduced environmental impact by 47% compared to paper from trees and 29% compared to recycled paper

Certified for direct food contact EC1935 / 2004

Certified for industrial composting EN-13432

100% quality and full colour prints come out beautifully


PaperWise® Natural is available in reel lengths of 1.000 and 2.000m, standard width of 250mm, 333mm and 500mm on 76mm (3”) core.


Natural brown look, high quality woodfree paper, made from agricultural waste.
Uncoated, natural fibre
Thickness: 95μm
Yield: 70 g/m2


Adhesive BioTAK® S100 is a permanent compostable acrylic adhesive. It is carefully formulated to include a high content of renewable materials. The adhesive is certified to EN13432 compostability and complies EC 1935/2004 & FDA for direct food applications. The adhesive is permanently tacky, having a good initial tack and adheres on a wide variety of substrates.


The liner is a white glassine paper Thickness: 55μm Yield: 62 g/m2


The product is suitable for a variety of applications. The uncoated natural paper fibres emphasize the natural content. The label is suitable for applications to complete bio based and biodegradable packaging. Facestock and adhesive are certified for direct food applications EC1935/2004 and industrial composting compliant to EN13432.


For all applications we recommend to test the performance of the labels.


Reel specifications
Reel lengths 1.000 and 2.000m, standard width of 250mm, 333mm and 500mm on 76mm (3”) core. Other dimensions available on request.


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