Self-adhesive compostable labels

from renewable resources

Fruit labels

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Self-adhesive compostable labels

from renewable resources


Labels from nature

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Self-adhesive compostable labels

from renewable resources

Face stock material

Fruit and vegetable labels

By application of the compostable facestock and the permanent BioTAK®, as well as by applying environmental friendly printing techniques. The labels from Bio4Life are the only fully certified self-adhesive compostable label, available today, according to the EN13432.

Compostable labels are close to nature. They are not only derived from renewable raw materials, but can (possibly with the peel of the fruit) be put in the green-waste stream or in compost.

The composition of the labels made by Bio4Life is unique. The facestock material, which depends on application, can be paper, NatureFlex™ or PLA. The other unique building block of the label is the BioTAK ® adhesive. This PSA complies EN13432 and is approved for direct food contact (EU directive 1935/2004/EC).

Compostable label for fruit


This versatile material is based on celloluse from managed forests. Suitable for most and demanding applications.

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PLA is often used in packaging. A self-adhesive label based on PLA material can finish the job perfectly for any PLA packaging.

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Like NatureFlex, paper is derived from cellulose. We can offer TREELESS paper, including thermal paper.

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Thanks to our well known network, we can make labels on much more materials, like bioplastics films (PHA, starch), fibres, woven and non-woven material.