compostable self-adhesive facestock


Bio4Life offers an exclusive range of compostable self-adhesive facestock, including papers as well as bio-plastics. We make sure that our materials are mostly made from natural and renewable resources, so the ecological footprint is as small as possible. Our materials are fully certified to the European compost standard EN13432 for industrial composting and are approved for direct food contact.

Our compostable self-adhesive materials are available worldwide. For MOQs and product data sheets please consult the page ‘materials’.

industrial composting
This type of composting is done inside an industrial composting facility. Within these facilities materials are composted under controlled physiological circumstances. This enables the materials to turn into compost withing 12 weeks with no toxic residues. Please note that industrial composting is not the same as home composting. The latter concerns a process where the circumstances (like humidity, temperature, etc.) are variable and unpredictable, like in your backyard. Our facestock may not be harmful to the environment due to its natural components, it is not (yet) certified for home composting.  

BioTAK adhesive
All our materials are coated with our own patented BioTAK adhesive. BioTAK is the world’s first certified compostable adhesive for labelling. It is a water bourne PSA based on a specially modified acrylic co-polymer. The adhesive is permanently tacky with a strong initial tack and adheres on a wide variety of substrates. This enables compostale labelling for many different applications. The adhesive is certified to EN13432 and complies with EC1935/2004 & FDA (175.105) for direct food applications.

compostable packaging
Bio4Life does not offer packaging materials other than self-adhesive facestock. For all sorts of compostable packaging we greatly recommend Bio4Pack (Germany based). Although our company names are similar, we are not associated.