about us


At Bio4Life we are all about creating environmentally friendly solutions. We’ve been developing our compostable self-adhesive materials since 2011 and have come up with innovative alternatives for harmful/plastic facestock. It is very important to us that the materials we offer are made from natural and renewable resources, to ensure a minimal footprint on our environment.

We offer a wide range of certified compostable self-adhesive label materials. These materials are unique because they are coated with our own patented BioTAK adhesive. BioTAK is the world’s first adhesive that is fully certified to the European compost standards EN13432. This feature was awarded the Sustainability Award at the 2014 Label Industry Global Awards. 


We differentiate ourselves with our extended knowledge and by taking the responsibility to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. We keep on innovating and adding new solutions in order to stimulate the use of environmentally friendly packaging worldwide.