PaperWise - BioTAK®


PaperWise Natural is a beautiful and environmentally friendly paper that is made from agricultural waste. Leaves and stems left over from the harvest are processed into raw material for paper. The material is biodegradable and combined with our BioTAK® adhesive fully certified for (industrial) compostability (EN13432).

visibly natural
This subtly textured paper has an appealing unbleached beige hue.  On its surface the fibres are easily spotted, giving the paper a very natural look and feel. Labels made from this material will definitely emphasize the sustainability and environmental friendliness of a product.


PaperWise is also available in a bleached version. However, this cotton white variety is not (yet) EN13432 certified. Nevertheless, it is a much more environmentally friendly alternative for conventional white paper, which is usually made from trees.