PaperWise Natural - BioTAK S100


PaperWise Natural is a beautiful and environmentally friendly paper, that is made from sugarcane fibres. This highly sustainable resource is a waste product of the sugarcane cultivation, which is annually renewable. The material is biodegradable and combined with our BioTAK® adhesive fully certified for (industrial) compostability (EN13432).

  • compostable (OK Compost)
  • EN13432 certified
  • annually renewable resources
  • direct food contact applications (EC 1935/2004 & FDA)
  • natural look and feel
  • completely free of wood

visibly natural This subtly textured paper has an appealing unbleached beige hue. On its surface the sugarcane fibres are easily spotted, giving the paper a very natural look and feel. Labels made from this material will definitely emphasize the sustainability of a product and add that  green feel to it. 

PaperWise is also available in a bleached version. However, this cotton white variety is not (yet) EN13432 certified. Nevertheless, it is a much more environmentally friendly alternative for conventional white paper, which is usually made from trees.